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     HPX mass airflow sensors are manufactured and calibrated to the most demanding standards in the industry. This strict quality control process virtually eliminates failures or faulty sensors. We stand behind this with a limited lifetime warranty! 

**All of our sensors include a 30 point transfer function at no charge**

 HPX, HPX-N1/N2, HPX-A, HPX-E Transfer Function Tool

updates for 2014

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Size : 240.5 Kb
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We have worked eight years developing the perfect flow curve for the HPX mass airflow sensor. This sensor can be used in any size housing from 2" to over 5" on vehicles making 200 horsepower to over 1700, without any loss in useable resolution. This means a sock idle in a 1500 horsepower monster with a 5" maf housing or a lightly modified mustang with a 75mm maf and headers. We are the ONLY mass airflow manufacturer with the flow capability to actually develop maf calibrations for use over 400 horsepower. Our primary flow station is the only one of its type in the country. It's capable of over 8000 KG/HR (2000HP) AND it's N.I.S.T. certified to be accurate to 0.19%. Our competition can only flow to roughly 2000 KG/HR (500HP) and has no type of accuracy certification. What does all of this mean? It means that every sensor we build is perfectly calibrated and is better than O.E.M. The HPX is the one maf that will evolve with your car. This is simply the last maf you will ever buy! Use the HPX maf in your own custom intake or use it with one of our high flow maf housings for BIG horsepower gains.

The HPX is based on the (cartridge) style mass airflow sensor. This sensor is great for Blow-through or Draw-through. Its special design is great for reducing signal noise and reversion. The tonsil style sensor used by others is not well suited for the performance vehicle. It was designed in the 90's and is very outdated for today's complex automotive systems and performance parts. Use of the HPX maf system requires computer tuning.


$ 299 USD



For FORD vehicles utilizing frequency based maf sensors. (2010+)

Will never peg. Sensor will support over 700HP when installed in a 3" housing.
Sensor has two times the range of the stock sensor.

Designed to have the factory GT500 transfer function when installed in a 3" tube for ease of tuning.

This sensor can be used in any housing from 2" to over 5". It can also be used for blow-thru or draw-through configurations.
Limited lifetime warranty.

This is the last mass airflow sensor you will ever buy.

*Requires 2010+ Ford maf connector
*Requires computer tuning
*Can be used on any frequency based maf system with computer tuning
*Transfer function generating software tool available for FREE download

Part # HPX-F



  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Will support over 1700 horsepower.
  • Will never peg.
  • Great for blow-through or draw-through.
  • Can be used in almost any size maf housing.
  • We manufacture many direct-fit and universal housings.
  • Works great with vehicles from 200 HP to over 1700.
  • Each sensor comes with multiple 30 point flow sheets for each maf housing we offer and a NIST traceable calibration sheet.
  • A transfer function generating spreadsheet for custom tuning and applications is available for free download. It shows volts, A/D counts and multiple units of flow for use with any tuning software.
  • Each sensor is triple verified for calibration and function before it ships.



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